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Aroma Ayuruwedic Home


Aroma Ayuruwedic Home is known as one of the best Spa Resort on the southern coast - Matara of Sri Lanka. That is approved by certificates and numerous reviews on most popular Local and foreign 

Aroma Ayuruwedic Home combination of ancient Ayurvedic traditions and treatments with a relaxing tropical atmosphere. The picturesque area, the water noise, dim lights, incense and quiet meditative music enhance the effects of the procedures.Aroma Ayuruwedic Home - a joy for the body and soul! 

Trust yourself to professionals and you will reach the deep relaxation you never felt before. The specialists with a big experience will help you to find an individual and couple ( Husban & Wife )  Ayurvedic program.


Spa treatments, including Ayurvedic massages - one of the most effective ways of healing, relaxation, to get rid of negative emotions and rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic massage - this is a great opportunity to restore the body, weakened by illness, psychological and physical stress. It improves blood circulation, normalizes the sebaceous glands, relaxes muscles. Massage involves the use of medicinal oils in combination with herbs that are selected individually for each.


No: 08 , Beach Road , Matara.
041 3126777 / 071 307886












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