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Senota Enterprises

SENOTA ENTERPRISES is  Exclusive Dealer Of David Pieris Motor Company ( Pvt ) Matara regen .

We are equipped with modern after sales facilities to provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services. We offer a comprehensive range of services from routine maintenance to maintain your Bajjaj Motor Bike  and Three wheelers in pristine condition, to collision repairs which are undertaken by technical professionals who have undergone rigorous training so you can rest assured, the best service and care are provided for your Company.

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Three Wheel Service......

Lubricant service at an affordable price for three wheeler 
#Oil And Filter Change 
#Advising Customer On Choosing Correct Oil Type 
#Cleaning Of Oil Strainer / Air Filter / Oil Filter / Spark Plug 
#Lubrication Of Control Levers / Gear Shifter / Grease Nipples / Rear Axie & Meter Drive Unit 
#Top-Up Brake Fluid Free Check-Up 
#Vave Clearance 
#Control Cables 
#Front / Rear Hand Brake 
#Battery Electrolyte Level 
#Light / Horn & Switch Operation 
#And Much More

Motorcycle Service.....

Lubricant service at an affordable price 
#Oil And Filter Change
#Advising Customer On Choosing Correct Oil Type
#Cleaning Of Oil Strainer / Centrifugal Filter / Oil Filter
#Cleaning Air Filter Element & Air Filter Cover
#Engine Idling Speed Adjustment
#Complete Wash And Wax Free Check-up
#Spark Plug /Gap replacement
#Clutch Lever Free Play
#Brake Cam & Pedal Pivot Pin
#Rear Sprocket / Brake & Tyre Pressure
#Steering Play
#Battery Electrolyte Level
#Fuel House
#And Much More

More Deatails Call 07777 29734


0777729734 , 0412254276 ,0412252342


















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